The History Of Royal Liver Friendly Society

Introduction To The Society 1850-2011

This Website is dedicated to the organisation which created the world-famous Royal Liver Building, Liverpool. Royal Liver Friendly Society existed between 1850 and 2011 and developed from very humble beginnings in Victorian England to become "one of the largest Friendly Societies in the world".

Fear of The Pauper’s Grave

Royal Liver formed during the Irish Potato Famine

One of the main catalysts for the creation and formation of Royal Liver was the Irish Potato Famine of the late 1840s. The mass migration of several millions of Irish citizens to west-coast maritime ports like Liverpool substantially increased the population which directly increased the need for the type of simple Burial Cover which Royal Liver set out to provide for its members/policyholders.

Laying the Foundations for the Liver Building

The Liver Building is a recognised landmark in Liverpool

Almost 60 years after the Royal Liver was formed, ambitious plans were designed which would see the society move to a purpose-built building at the Pier Head in Liverpool. That building is now one of the most recognised landmarks in Liverpool – The Liver Building.

Share Your Stories

Share a story from the 161 years of history

Do you or your family have memories of the Royal Liver Friendly Society or any of the characters who played a leading part in creating or working for Royal Liver during its 161 year history?

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